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This profile is directed to individuals or small companies that want to send messages from time to time. If you want to send messages regularly then the Company profile is the more adequate for your. In this profile you can adquire SMS credits from as low as EUR 0,052 each, whislt in the pre-paid pricing, only one available in the Individual profile, the cheapest SMS Credits are EUR 0,082 each. To access the Company profile please click in Company Profile.

This profile has the following main features:

  • 160 characters for each message sent (up to 10 concatenated SMS messages = 1600 caracters);
  • 10% discount on every message sent using only 140 characters. The remaining 20 character fill with ":MOBILE.COCINFAR.COM";
  • Unlimited number of address groups with unlimited number of contacts each;
  • Only supports textual SMS messages;
  • Immediate delivery;
  • Delivery report;
  • Textual Sender Id up to 11 characters beyhond the mobile phone number (depends on the final carrier support of this feature and COCINFAR's approval of your SenderId);
  • Access to pre-paid pricing only;

To know all the diferences between the Individual and Company profiles, please click Send and Receive SMS Messages.

To know the pre-paid pricing please click Pricing.

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